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I am an Artist because I am, it is inherent to who I am.

Sleeping Under the Stars

Another one of my projects. A different kind of web page for a different kind of traveller.

A catalogue and map of beautiful places to visit or camp for free along

the North Shore of the Great Lakes. Photographs, art and stories, I've built it out of passion.

Welcome to my Page.

In the divinity of creation, I find solace in the belief that being made in God's image transcends mere physical resemblance. For me, it resonates in the profound ability to draw, to paint worlds, stories, and art. It's a sacred sliver of His boundless creativity, a testament to the profound gift of imagination bestowed upon me. In the act of shaping my artistic visions, I glimpse the echoes of the ultimate Creator, in those moments he shares with me, humbly channelling that spark of divinity into the strokes and narratives woven into the canvas of my existence.

As an artist, I weave stories with strokes of paint, breathe life into visions with digital artistry, and pen verses that resonate with the soul. Dive into a world where poetry dances with emotions, paintings speak silent narratives, and digital creations transcend imagination. My gallery is a kaleidoscope of creativity, where each piece tells a unique tale. Explore the realms of Walter Mitty-inspired daydreams, delve into the nuances of poetry and writing, and witness the fusion of art and technology in my digital logos. Join me on a journey through a canvas of expression, where every stroke is a story waiting to be discovered.

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