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As an artist whose creativity is wild and untamed even by me, it is kind of inevitable that my stuff often winds up in other ‘categories.’ Ergo this page. Obviously, this type of a creature isn’t going to respect any boundaries, and I find myself creating my art in so many other forms than what is considered traditional. Believe me, there are a lot more than these already out there in the world and stashed in corners around my spaces. All of my art is made for me, but that doesn’t always mean that I’m fully satisfied with the results or want to make it into a public display, so I chose to share some of them. The mannequin angel with the gas mask and the LED halo in the corner of my studio space said "I recommend restraint'. I’d make art out of an empty chip bag if I was stuck in a room alone long enough…trust me, I know that because I have. I also repair things and turn them into art canvases as well. One of the many benefits of years of working in construction. Any which way, here is some more of my art, rebuilds and whatever else in an assortment of formats.

Paper Mache Shark Project

Paper Mache Octopus Project