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Ryan Clark is unschooled in the use of paints and, without the use of models, creates vivid images ranging from the serene to the lascivious.
He has been drawing and creating vivid images as long as he could hold a pencil.  His Tattoos adorn the dermis’ of hundreds of people, though in the past few years he has focused on custom pieces. For years his art has been peddled amongst his circle and decorates more than a few private collections. He has done sculpture and wood carving as well.
In his work Ryan practices raw creativity, often changing mediums and concepts all through out the artistic process. During a still occurring spiritual growth he is compelled to expand his life, and present himself to the world.  He also practices photography, is currently hosting and creating a web site based on his summer travels

Artist Statement 

“I am an artist because I am. All my life I have associated a huge part of my personal identity with being an artist, and that is what the statement preceding this means.  It is inherent to who I am…


In a world driven by money, I proudly defy it as an artist unmoved by the allure of the shiny things. I have all that I need, always. My canvas is not dictated by trends or popular demand; they are an expression of my soul, an unbridled dance with creativity that knows no boundaries.

I chuckle at the thought most of my stuff ever really being considered normal. Each stroke of my brush, every pixel placed, is an act of a man who’s had a full life, against the world of art. My art teacher failed me in grade 9, I wasn’t the issue, her University education was stifling. I did me and produced a shit ton of art, just not what she wanted. If you know the real reason for Andy Warhol’s art career you’ll understand me.

To sell-out is to surrender to people like her, but I stand firm in my beliefs. My creations are not just commodities to me; they are me splashed across a canvas naked and unfiltered. People might look at me sideways, and some buyers may look elsewhere, but my art is not a product for those people – it's an unapologetic declaration of me.

I find a solace in my choices. Here, I am free from the shackles, creating for the sheer joy of creation. Call me a renegade, a weirdo, whatever – I am an artist who creates for pleasure, not just for you.

If you want one of my pieces, know my art is more important to me than you are and while you will pay, money is not my end all and be all…I have to want to do it, so I might still say no.

-Graphic Design *High School Level
-OCAD *Dreams and Symbolisms
-Seneca College *Softimage Certificate
-Apprenticeship *Derma graphics
-Blim Studio *Silk Screening.

2013 Hamilton Artists Inc. Group Exhibition Curator: Reg Gilmore

2013 Home Show Hamilton

2012 Francis Gallery Group Exhibition Curator: Tim Francis

2012 Blue Angel Gallery Curator: Cynthia Hill

2012 McMaster Innovation Park Art in the Workplace Group Exhibition Hamilton ON Curator: E.C. Woodley

2012 Barbwire Gallery Art as Therapy Exhibition with Yvonne Vaar
 Toronto, ON Curator: David Wall

2012 NOW Lounge, Namaste Guest artist w/Cape Breton Red Toronto, ON
Curated by: Michael Assoon and Dan Walsh

2012 Rah Centre, Art on the Danforth Festival Toronto ON, Solo Show
Curator: Bruce Ryan

2011 Bear Creek Studio Petrolia, ON Flowers Group Exhibition
2010 Bohmer Restaurant Toronto, ON

Community Development Work

2014 Dog Pound Studios -Creative Consultant/Facilitator
2012 Healing Oasis - PJD, Restorative and Justice Weeps Original art

2012 Hamilton Artists Inc. - Promotional Assistance, Gallery Attendant and 
2023 Canadian Centre for men and Families- Faux marble Pillar n foyer of hostel.


-Your Parents Are Proud, Poetry "Stars in our Heart" 
ISBN 978-1-60880-123-7

-Crazy, Poetry "International who's who in poetry"
 ISBN: 978-1-61936-065-5
-Art Connection Hamilton, January 2012 “Paper machier Zombie”
-Tourism British Columbia February 2013 “Water Falls”, March 2014 “Ryan Clark”
-‘Story of my Life’ CPAT pending to be published Crime Quarterly

-Sleeping Under the Stars Web Page VISIT SITE

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