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As I’ve built this brand, my logos have gone through an evolution of their own. Logos and branding design are integral elements in establishing identity for my business as an artist. The logo represents the essence of my brand and makes it recognizable.

Choose the right colors, and they evoke emotions and convey messages. For example, blue is trust and reliability, while red creates passion and energy. Me, I chose bright pink on black as very impactful and high contrast.

My other page makes use of a more muted pink bordering on lavender on a beige background. It conveys a different quality. Where this page is exciting, my Sleeping Under the Stars page is meant to lean towards a calmness.

Fonts contribute to the tone; a script is elegance, while a sans-serif suggests modern and simple. This is something to think about. A Comic Book font sounds outrageous, but what about a daycare or pet sitting? My camping site uses cinzel, a font you barely see but it’s perfect for where I have it.

Consistency is usually key in branding. Utilizing a similar logo, colors, or fonts across various platforms builds a cohesive image. Effective branding can also go beyond aesthetics, influencing how a brand is perceived and remembered, ultimately impacting its success as well.

I want to be remembered ergo my choices. Even as my Logo has changed there have been consistencies between iterations, and I hope, a degree of recognizability.

my logo evolving over time
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